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One Voice Watford Community Choir

The Clarendon Muse 

Watford Grammar School for Boys 

70 Rickmansworth Road 


WD18 7JA 


Tele: 01923 225531 (Watford Music School) or 01923 248494 (Vice Chairman) 


Website: find us at One Voice Watford or on Facebook 


History of One Voice Watford 

One Voice Watford Community Choir was founded in 2008, as a community project to enable people to join a choir without auditions or the need to be able to read music. The ethos of the  choir is the celebration of diversity through music, and we welcome everyone who wishes to participate, respecting individuals and giving equal opportunities to all members. Since early 2011, the choir has been strongly supported by a partnership with Hertfordshire Music Services. The choir’s will have a new Musical Director  from 15 September and this is TBC. Musical accompaniment is provided by Ken Harrett, who is an accomplished professional pianist. 


Rehearsal Venue 

One Voice Watford rehearses every Thursday evening 7.30 pm – 9.15 pm during school term time, at The Clarendon Muse, Watford. The Clarendon Muse is a purpose built music venue, part owned by Watford Boys Grammar School. As such, the school has priority to perform concerts etc at The Muse building and at these times, the choir will rehearse in the main School hall, and prior notice will be given wherever possible. 


Rehearsal Cancellations 

If a rehearsal is cancelled for any reason e.g. weather conditions, school closure, there will be a notice on the  "Home" tab on our website. It is the members' own responsibility to check for cancellation notices. 


Membership and Registration 

All new members are requested to provide their name, address, email, and emergency contact details on the Members Registration Form provided. Personal details are held on a database used to create a register of attendance. This register also acts as a fire register. Members personal details will not be shared with any other third parties, in accordance with the Data Protection Act. It is the members' own responsibility to ensure that their personal details are kept up to date. Any member who is unable to attend for any length of time is kindly requested to inform the choir administration. Members details will be permanently removed from the database following an absence period of more than 7 weeks unless there are exceptional circumstances. 


Members Behaviour and Conduct 

In line with the ethos of the choir, One Voice Watford strives to create a positive and safe environment for all its members; any disrespectful, negative, or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated. In the first instance, any such behaviour should be reported to a members of the choir Management Committee or Musical Director, who may then request that the offending member leaves the choir.  



Any issues relating to the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults or Children should be reported to the choir Management Committee or Musical Director. 


Subscriptions and Payments 

After the free ‘taster’ session members are asked to pay a weekly subscription 

fee to cover the cost of maintaining the choir and providing resources, our current weekly fee is show on the "Home" tab on our website. The choir is self-funding and is not in receipt of any other income. The choir does not ask for a membership or registration fee. Members will be informed in advance of any increase to weekly subscription fees, which are reviewed termly. If any choir member is in receipt of benefits, a reduced subscription fee will be considered, in this instance the member should consult with a member of the choir Management Committee. 


To reduce administration time when reconciling members online payments received to the weekly register of attendance, we ask members, wherever possible to make one payment in advance per half term, the number of weeks per half term are shown on the "Rehearsal Dates" tab on our website, and to pay using online banking (bank details are provided upon request). If however, you were unable to attend rehearsal(s) which you had previously paid in advance, then please deduct the costs for the missed week(s) from your next half term payment. It is the members' own responsibility to keep a record of their attendances. We will also accept weekly online payments. We appreciate that not everyone has access to online banking facilities so we will also accept cash. The choir Treasurer will remind members if there are any online payments outstanding.  


Health and Safety 

The Clarendon Muse has full disability access facilities. Members will be advised when there is a practice fire drill. It is the members' own responsibility to ensure they are medically fit to participate in rehearsals and performances. If an individual considers him/herself to have a significant medical condition, or one which may need emergency care, please could he/she inform the Musical Director or a member of the choir Management Committee. One Voice Watford is not responsible for any damage/loss to personal belongings during rehearsals or performances. 


COVID19 Rehearsal Attendance Procedures 

Members must keep themselves up to date with and comply fully with the choirs COVID19 rehearsal attendance procedures which are detailed on the "COVID19 Rehearsal Attendance Procedures" tab on our website. 



Performances regularly take place in community venues and at community events.  Some performances may be joint ventures with other choirs in the area. A nominal performance participation fee will be requested to cover our costs. It is assumed that members who are available and wish to participate in performances will attend sufficient rehearsals to ensure they are fully prepared for performances. Any access issues at performance venue will be indicated to choir members in advance. It is the members own responsibility to arrange transport/car sharing to and from performances. 


Performance Dress Code 


Black trousers/skirt or dress, black top/blouse (no sleeveless), black shoes. Coloured scarf loaned to members for performances need to be returned afterwards. 


Black trousers, black shirt & black shoes. Coloured tie loaned to members for  

performances need to be returned afterwards. 


White tops instead of black will be worn for both women and men during the summer months.

Members are requested to purchase a performance song folder, available from the choir committee at a nominal cost. 


Music Arrangements 

All songs and arrangements performed by the choir are publicly available. Members are encouraged to familiarise themselves with songs between rehearsals, most of which are on YouTube – and can also be found on the "YouTube links & MP3 Audio Files" tab on our website.

A rehearsal weekly song list will be posted on to our website for members to access and this can be found on our "Weekly Rehearsal Song List" tab and all song sheets can be found on our "2022 Songs" tab.  


Song Sheets 

To reduce printing costs, members are requested to print their own copies of all song sheets, which are available as pdf/word documents and can be found on the "2022 Songs" tab on our website. Members without access to a computer or printer can request a paper copy at rehearsals. 


Choir Management Committee 

Committee members are elected at the AGM. Any choir member is eligible for nomination. A list of current Committee Members can be found on the "About Us" tab on our website. The Management Committee meets every term and welcomes suggestions from choir members. These suggestions will be discussed at the next committee meeting.  Committee minutes are available upon request. 



One Voice Watford: update 09 September 2022 


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