OVC COVID 19 rehearsal attendance procedures 24 February 2022

When formulating these procedures, we carefully considered:

  • how the COVID19 virus is transmitted (surface contamination and airborne droplets)
  • how this might affect our members and professionals during our group indoor rehearsal sessions at the Muse
  • what actions can we take to help reduce the risk of the COVID19 virus spreading during our rehearsal sessions


We have continued to adopt wherever possible the three fundamental safety principals HANDS (hygiene) + FACE (face coverings) + SPACE (social distancing), plus the ventilation of the rehearsal room. 


Whilst we can take sensible and precautionary measures to help reduce the risk of the COVID19 virus spreading during rehearsals we cannot fully eliminate all risk, and therefore each of you must consider the health risks to yourself and decide if attending indoor rehearsals is right for you.  Some members may have underlying health concerns and therefore may be in a high-risk group and this should be taken into consideration, furthermore we would not recommend anyone who has not been fully vaccinated to attend rehearsals.


It is incumbent upon us all to help protect each other from the COVID19 virus as we re-join as a group to enjoy singing together, and we must all play our part by complying with the following procedures


Attending Rehearsals

Do NOT attend rehearsals if you or anyone in your household:

  • has had a positive COVID19 result – you must not attend rehearsals for a minimum of 10 following the positive COVID19 test date   
  • have come into contact with someone who has had a positive COVID19 result - you must not attend rehearsals for a minimum of 10 days following the first contact date with the infected person   
  • if you have COVID19 symptoms, even if these symptoms are mild or if you feel in anyway unwell


We must all play our part in keeping our members and professionals safe and well and you should only attend rehearsals if you are feeling well. You may wish to take precautionary lateral flow test before attending rehearsals.


Members Contact Details

If you have not already done so, please complete a new member’s registration form providing your contact telephone number and email address which we will use for COVID19 track and trace purposes.   If after attending a rehearsal session you test positive for COVID19 you must immediately notify the Choir by emailing infor@onevoicewatford.com and providing the positive COVID19 test date.  



The virus can be transmitted by touching parts of the body close to your airway (i.e., face), therefor please use the hand sanitising soap provided each time you enter/re-enter the rehearsal room.


Face Coverings

You MUST wear a face mask during and when queuing for registration and when you are moving around the other arears of the main building.  We would encourage you to always wear a face mask other than when seated.


Rehearsals – Social Distancing

As the virus is airborne, can accumulate in spaces where air is stationery or slow moving  and  can be transmitted more readily when persons are closer together, the following will apply

  1. Jo Sear will wear a microphone headset to project her voice  
  2. Chairs will be positioned further apart to provide social distancing
  3. Roof window (closed when raining) and doors will be kept open to improve ventilation  
  4. Rehearsal time will start at 7:30pm and finish at 9:00pm with a 10-minute break
  5. We encouraged you to take your 10-minute break outside (weather permitting)


Song Sheets

Please print out your own song sheets (which can be found on the OVC website -onevoicewatford.com).



Please bring your own refreshments and these will no longer be provided.



Please continue with online payments to minimise the handling of cash for both the individuals taking the register and treasurer who banks the cash each week.  However, we do appreciate that not everyone has online banking so for those members please bring with you the exact money £4.00 as change will not be provided.

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